"A terrifyingly true thriller that grips you from the first page and never lets you go!  Yvonne Bornstein has shown remarkable courage and skill by digging deep into her darkest nightmares and detailing them on the page in a way that will leave you breathless..."

Stuart Beattie - Screenwriter:

"Collateral" & "Pirates of the Caribbean"


Bornstein throws stark light on the methods of kleptocrats, and on Russia’s spasmodic early attempts at capitalism.

-Publisher's Weekly


"After twelve years of nightmares, Yvonne Bornstein musters the courage to tell her true-life tale - eleven days in the hands of Russian mobsters intent on collecting millions of dollars of ransom money.  She recounts with surprising clarity her trials, deprivations, and eventual triumph over seemingly impossible odds."

Gregg Hurwitz - author of The Program


It reads like Robert Ludlum or John Le Carre, only it was REAL!Riveting, I couldn't put it down.

Steven Snyder - Author - Seminar Leader

Radio Talk Show Host


ELEVEN DAYS OF HELL is one of the best books of the year regarding courage, bravery and 'people who care enough. From Gerry, the longtime FBI agent and James, the veteran diplomat who feel, "It's all in a days work" to the brilliant and humanist lawyer, Dimitry Afanasiev. It is a  a "Miracle" that Yvonne and her former husband (Daniel Weinstock) survived and are alive to tell this story. This is a must read book! If you only read one book this year make sure it is ELEVEN DAYS OF HELL. This  is one "Hell" of a book, and everyone should stand up and applaud Yvonne Bornstein for her strength and inspiration for sharing this story with the world. This is a book that teaches us that one must never "give up" and shows us what happens when "people care enough." 

Charles Morgan for TheAuthorConnection.com


Your story left me feeling ill in one way, but on the positive side I see an amazing woman with incredible strengths who has carried on in life to make it the best life possible. That is inspirational. Many a person should take a leaf out of you book (pardon the pun J) .  Its amazing what you can overcome in life. I am sure the memories and scars will never leave you, but making the most of your life and being grateful and appreciative for what you have and what you can achieve on this earth keeps you moving forward...

Katherine Mitchell